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Drivers for low-priced solar photovoltaic systems in the United States

The price of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems installed on homes and small businesses spans a wide range, and researchers have published a new study that reveals the key market and system drivers for low-priced PV systems.

Shining more light on solar panels

A better understanding of how light reflects off different surfaces has improved action movies, videogames and now solar panels. Researchers have found a way to get more sun to shine on the panels and crank up the output by 30 percent or more.

India adding 2800 MW of wind capacity in 2015

ICRA expects wind energy capacity addition during the current fiscal year to grow 20% over the last year to about 2800 MW and will be driven both by the IPP and non-IPP segments. In the rating agency’s view, the demand drivers for the wind energy sector remain favourable in the long run. This is mainly aided by strong policy support in place at the Centre and in key states which have wind potential, favourable regulatory framework in the form of renewable purchase obligation (RPO) regulations, as well as the cost competitiveness of wind-based energy vis-à-vis conventional energy sources.National Institute of Wind Energy Launches Wind, Solar Online MapsThe National Institute of Wind Energy (NIWE), Chennai, India has launched two online maps, one each for…