Neutrons offer guide to getting more out of solid-state lithium-ion batteries

A new study has revealed promising results that could drastically boost the performance of solid-state electrolytes, and could potentially lead to a safer, even more efficient battery. Researchers used neutron diffraction (the VULCAN instrument, SNS beam line 7) to conduct an in-depth study probing the entire structure evolution of doped garnet-type electrolytes during the synthesis process to unravel the mechanism that boosts the lithium-ionic conductivity.

New research puts us closer to DIY spray-on solar cell technology

A new study puts us closer to do-it-yourself spray-on solar cell technology—promising third-generation solar cells utilizing a nanocrystal ink deposition that could make traditional expensive silicon-based solar panels a thing of the past.

Carly Fiorina hijacks field trip, leads pre-schoolers to anti-abortion rally

A British reporter from the Guardian got an inside look at American politics recently when he witnessed Carly Fiorina forcing a bunch of unwitting school children to take part in a campaign stunt at an anti-abortion rally in Iowa. Later, Fiorina was accused by some parents of “ambushing” their kids. The Guardian’s Adam Gabbatt writes: The alleged ambush occurred when Fiorina hosted a “right to life” forum at the Greater Des Moines botanical garden. Entering the rally, before a crowd of about 60 people, she directed around 15 young children towards a makeshift stage. The problem, one parent said, was that the children’s parents had not given Fiorina permission to have their children sit with her – in front of a huge banner bearing the image…

Discovery about new battery overturns decades of false assumptions

New findings have overturned a scientific dogma that stood for decades, by showing that potassium can work with graphite in a potassium-ion battery — a discovery that could pose a challenge and more sustainable, less costly alternative to the widely used lithium-ion battery.