Something to Remember: Key Climate Milestones in 2015

Began with the warmest winter on record globally. Hottest year on record globally. Toronto had the hottest Christmas Eve on record for a Canadian city, with the thermometer reaching 15.4 degrees C. 2015 was last year we’ll see atmospheric CO2 concentrations below 400 parts per million, above which the global climate starts getting wacky. The average global temperature increase averaged 1 degree C above pre-industrial times for the first time. Tropical cyclone Patricia went off the hurricane category scale with winds of over 320 km per hour. The Arabian peninsula was hit by two consecutive cyclones, unprecedented in the region. After four years of drought California was the driest it has been in 500 years. Jurisdictions such as B.C. and Alberta had their worst-ever wildfire seasons. Record flooding hit…

Apex clinches 66MW off-take deal with US Army

Apex Clean Energy, the Virginia-based developer, has finalised a deal that will see it selling 65.8MW of Texas wind and solar power to the US Army over nearly three decades for consumption at Fort Hood, the US military’s most populous installation in the world.

Storms and microbes are behind the mystery of the wandering stones

The ‘sailing’ stones of Death Valley in California are famous for apparently moving by themselves, with the phenomenon not being exclusive to this North American desert but also occurring in Spain, in the Manchego lagoon Altillo Chica. Researchers have observed that wind from winter storms generates currents that can push the stones over a surface colonized by microbes. Then once the water has vanished, the mysterious trail is left on the dry bottom of the lagoon.

Meet the ELF: A Pedal-Powered, Solar-Electric Hybrid

Pedal Power | Solar Power | TransportationDescribed as the “most efficient vehicle on the planet”, The ELF is a solar and pedal-powered hybrid tricycle hand-built in the United States by Organic Transit. It is available in one, two and three seater models, and according to their website it gets the equivalent of 1800 miles per gallon! It is legally considered a […]

Fishing vessel transformed into a wave power plant

Researchers are demonstrating that it is possible for a redundant fishing vessel to be used as a power plant. The first vessel of its kind is now anchored offshore in the Stadthavet area west in Norway, with the aim of generating electricity from the natural forces of the sea.

Offshore wind turbine construction could be putting seals’ hearing at risk

Noise from pile driving during offshore wind turbine construction could be damaging the hearing of harbour seals around the UK, researchers have found. They say more research is needed on how noise affects marine mammals’ hearing and into engineering solutions to reduce noise levels.

Taiwanese investment in offshore wind to hit $74m in 2016

Investment in Taiwan’s fledgling offshore wind sector could hit NT$2.5bn ($74.3m) in 2016, with annual installations set to eventually reach 300MW in the years ahead, the government said this week.