Man Converts Toyota Prius into Motor Home

Hybrid Cars | TransportationIt’s Friday, so we figured it’s time for a little humour. James Lawler, a Landscaper from Torquay Australia, has built himself a mini-motorhome atop his Toyota Prius Hybrid. The project took just over a week to complete using scrap materials, and ended up costing him just under $150. What inspired this project? Lawler says “There’s […]

Sorry! Winter Storm Jonas doesn’t make climate change a liberal hoax

Good news, folks! It turns out that climate change is a big ol’ liberal hoax after all. Need proof? Just look out your window: If you’re anywhere east of Tupelo, you’re probably seeing a bunch of white stuff falling from the sky, compliments of Winter Storm Jonas. We call that “snow,” and it proves once and for all that “global warming” is a conspiracy dreamed up by known communist Al Gore to bring down the world economy. Guess we can just pack up our desks and go home. At least, that’s what America’s climate deniers would have you believe. This logic seems to rear its ignorant head every time there’s a major snow storm, such as last year when…

Possible Dual Rotor Technology for Wind Turbines

Energy Inventions | Wind Power | Wind TurbinesIowa State Aerospace Engineers Anupam Sharma and Hui Hu are exploring the possibility of adding a smaller, secondary rotor to wind turbines. The engineers studied the base of existing turbines and found two major problems. First, they are big round structural pieces that don’t harvest any wind energy because they are not shaped like an […]

How to convert US to 100 percent renewable energy

It’s technically possible for each state to replace fossil fuel energy with entirely clean, renewable energy, experts say. A new report is the first to outline how each of the 50 states can achieve such a transition by 2050. The 50 individual state plans call for aggressive changes to both infrastructure and the ways we currently consume energy, but indicate that the conversion is technically and economically possible through the wide-scale implementation of existing technologies.

Researchers use neutrons to gain insight into battery inefficiency

Lithium ions are depleted as a battery charges and are also lost to the formation of a thin coating on a battery’s anode. Researchers used powerful neutron science facilities to try to understand the dynamics behind this phenomenon.

My city banned plastic bags — now where am I supposed to recycle them?

Q. Dear Umbra, Olympia recently banned plastic bags, which is great. Here is my problem: Now that stores are not using plastic bags, they have removed all the plastic bag recycle bins. I looked up places to recycle plastic bags in my area, and Lowe’s was listed. I took the bags I had been saving for six months to Lowe’s and they informed me that they would take the bags, but they are not recycled. The plastic bags just are thrown in their garbage. So I am back at the beginning again, trying to find somewhere to recycle the plastic bags that I have saved. Can you help me find somewhere that I could send these formerly recyclable plastic bags? Brooke W. Olympia, Wash. A…

Wearable energy generator uses urine to power wireless transmitter

A pair of socks embedded with miniaturized microbial fuel cells and fueled with urine pumped by the wearer’s footsteps has powered a wireless transmitter to send a signal to a PC. This is the first self-sufficient system powered by a wearable energy generator based on microbial fuel cell technology.