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New research may enhance display, LED lighting technology

A new method to extract more efficient and polarized light from quantum dots (QDs) over a large-scale area has been developed by researchers. Their method, which combines QD and photonic crystal technology, could lead to brighter and more efficient mobile phone, tablet, and computer displays, as well as enhanced LED lighting.

Visualizing atoms of perovskite crystals

Researchers conduct the first atomic resolution study of perovskites used in next generation solar cells.

Fuel cell advance

Researchers report a breakthrough that promises to bring down the cost of hydrogen fuel cells by replacing expensive platinum catalysts with cheaper ones made from metals like nickel.

Sponge-like material to more efficiently store natural gas

Researchers are utilizing metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) to develop a new type of storage system that would adsorb natural gas like a sponge and allow for more energy-efficient storage and use.

New research puts us closer to DIY spray-on solar cell technology

A new study puts us closer to do-it-yourself spray-on solar cell technology—promising third-generation solar cells utilizing a nanocrystal ink deposition that could make traditional expensive silicon-based solar panels a thing of the past.

Physicists come up with a way to make cleaner fuel cells

An international group of scientists has developed ion-exchange synthetic membranes based on amphiphilic compounds that are able to convert the energy of chemical reactions into electrical current. The new development could potentially be used in fuel cells, and in separation and purification processes.