Solar Energy Benefits

There are numerous solar energy benefits, but probably the main one is cost savings. Most people opt for solar energy because it’s free and this reason outweighs any concern for the environment. That really doesn’t matter however, because the end result is the same. Many tons of greenhouse gasses are eliminated by the use of clean energy from the sun and all this can be achieved for a one off installation fee and no recurring costs whatsoever.

Of course for those of us who worry about the environment, solar energy benefits go far beyond cost savings. There is a reduced need for fossil fuels which create pollution both by their extraction from the earth and by their use for domestic and industrial purposes.

Solar power, apart from being a clean source of energy is also quiet. No part of the process of converting the sun’s power to usable electricity creates noise. Therefore solar farms can be located anywhere it is practical without creating a disturbance for nearby residents. At the same time it is extremely safe. There is no fall-out and no leakage to cause any concern, unlike energy that is created from nuclear power plants.

Solar can be expanded upon very easily, you can start with a small project of just a couple of panels and work up from there. For those with limited funds, it is even possible to build your own panels in the beginning. This energy can ale be stored and sent to remote areas without difficulty. It is quite reasonable to imagine a future where farmers can produce electricity together with, or instead of their normal crops.

Energy from the sun is buying precious time for our planet. Although most countries are trying to reduce their use of conventional energy down to a reasonable level, this is not always practical or possible, Solar may be used to bridge the gap and allow industry to use less fossil fuels while trying to reduce their total energy output.

There is no limit to solar energy. It is available everywhere and will never run out. While the decline in fossil fuels such as coal and oil cause rising prices and even wars, power from the sun will always be freely available as long as there is still life on the planet.

Solar panels are virtually maintenance free. Compare that with your average coal fired power station, or worse, a nuclear power plant.

It is really hard to find any argument against solar power that will stand up. With limitless applications, clean operation and abundant supply, there doesn’t seem to be any other source of power which can realistically compete, even wind power has it’s drawbacks. As you can clearly see from all of these solar energy benefits, this type of energy is tipped to be the main future source of energy for the human race.