Save Money on Electricity

It is easy to save money on electricity on a simple day-to-day basis or even by converting your entire source of electricity to come from the sun. There are quite a few methods of daily living that will allow you to cut back your spending. Some methods are easy to follow and others might take some adjusting to but in the long run are worth it because you will not only be saving your bank account but also the earth’s depleting amount of natural resources.

One way you can lower your electricity bill is by keeping lights off as often as you can. If you make sure your porch light is off each evening and (if its possible in your living situation) use natural lighting throughout the day you will be able to save money. Also you should consider the light bulbs you use. By switching your light bulbs from the regular bulbs to the energy efficient CFL bulbs you will save money because these bulbs last much longer than the regular ones and take up much less energy to light the room.

Another way to save money is by conserving the various uses of water in your home. Try to only run the dishwasher if its completely full and make it a goal to wash your laundry in cold water. Get a water heater cover to keep the water heater insulated and take short showers.

This will not only lower your bill but it will save water as well.

A more permanent way to lower and even get rid of your energy bill is by installing solar panels. Its initial cost might be quite a hefty investment, but in the long run you could potentially live completely off the sun’s photovoltaic rays which would lower your bill exponentially. You could even install panels to heat your water. Solar energy is a great source of energy to use in order to power your home. If you want to deter from relying on natural resources then you should think about installing a solar kit in your home.