Make Your Own Solar Panels

DIY is a booming section of the economy. As a result of increased home ownership more people are spending time at home and as a consequence, want their homes to feel as comfortable. Add to this, the frustration over the years with the construction industry, to finish expensive improvements to the home has resulted in an increase in DIY. However, in most discussions on DIY making your own solar panels is almost never discussed.

There are few good reasons why this needs to change.

  1. A simple DIY solar panel can be made from items that can easily be purchased by the home handyman.
  2. With the advent of the internet there is plenty of information out there that takes you through the entire process.
  3. There can be significant savings to be made depending on the number and size of the solar panels used. This reason alone is why this topic needs to be revisited.

Solar has come a long way from an energy source that was rarely used to one that is now nearly compulsory to have installed on a new home. These are usually attached to hot water systems and do a lot to decrease the amount of electricity used for hot water. They are almost always professionally installed. But there are ways that you can do it yourself. The advantage of this is you don’t have to pay for a professional and for only the cost of some parts you can start saving money on your electricity permanently. For this reason alone, making your own solar panels should be on every handyman’s do it yourself list. Not only will it improve the value of your home by making it more energy efficient but you’ll be helping the environment as well.