Laptop Friendly Backpack

Every year it seems that new technology, new gizmos and gadgets are added to the must-have list. We live in the electronic era and depend on being connected, online and having the power of microprocessors at our finger tips.

The evolution of technology and cascading addition of multiple electronic gadgets has changed lives, behaviors and lifestyles around the globe. But where and how should electronics be stored when most of the day is spent in movement from one place to the other? Pant pockets are limited and people are constantly on the move.

Let’s consider the amount of technology owned or carried during by a regular student during a normal day in an American school. In the United States alone it is estimated that 80{9d1f0b33d0dfecc7a532185a91e80dc02994fcd6e1d2f71ba6b569dea4e7d0d7} of all students have their own cell phone, and an astonishing 30{9d1f0b33d0dfecc7a532185a91e80dc02994fcd6e1d2f71ba6b569dea4e7d0d7} of all students have their own lap top computer.

Recently computer manufactures have introduced low price net books: smaller sized lap tops with sufficient performance to perform basic tasks such as word processing, spread sheets and surfing the Internet. The introduction of net books will likely increase the amount of computers among American school children and has already taken a large part of the European lap top computer market. To pass large parts of high school math class, students are required to have sophisticated calculators.

All this adds up to weight and volume putting new demands on the carrying devices available. New back packs have been slimmed and upgraded to meet the needs for today’s technology packed life style. You will find that back packs now come with zipper style pockets tailored uniquely for MP3-players, computer chargers, and cell phones where they can easily be reached or packed up in the whiff of a second. The usage of MP3-players has resulted in the addition of clever pocket holes for headphone cables so that music can be enjoyed without taking the MP3-player out of the back pack.

Likewise the inside of modern back packs often comes with a protective layer to cushion and protect the lap top from vibration and blows. This is important because of the lap top’s sensitive and expensive-to-replace LCD screen display. Over the last 5 years electronic gaming has grown at the same rate as MP-3 players and many students now carry an electronic gaming system. The electronic gaming system is traditionally slightly larger than a cell phone but smaller than a laptop, and requires its own pocket of protection.

When you are considering investing in a new back pack for your child and it’s time to go back to school, the first thing to consider is if the back pack you’re getting is technology-proof or technology read. Look for back packs with several pockets, a cushioned central area for the laptop and if possible an external meshed holder for beverages.