Hot Water Solar Panels

Hot water solar panels are products solely designed to harness the power of the sun to provide an alternative in energy sources. Like what we see on TV, these panels are coated in a black film to trap direct sunlight and convert them into usable energy.

Hot water panels, so called because they use hot water to store the heat, have tubes which brings the water to a storage vessel that later distributes it to harness the heat trapped inside, to waiting converters.

These circulation tubes move the heat to a “heat storage vessel”. The process is a repetition of heating and cooling which takes place as soon as the sun rises on the horizon. And because of the suns unlimited supply of heat, this power source is a great alternative to traditional fuel source like carbon based fuels that are more costly.

Hot water solar panels are cost effective and is an environment alternative to fuels that we have today. Solar panel systems do not emit radioactive or atmospheric hazards into the air and is safe. It can be mounted anywhere as long as the place that will be the base of the solar panel mount has access to direct unlimited sunlight. Hotwater panels are used by larger productions plants and other companies that need an unlimited and huge amount of power supply. Like Laundromats, greenhouses that contain plants for medical research, production plans, and eco-friendly vehicles, these users have access to an unlimited supply of power that can be converted into electric that can make their generators, engines, and gadgets work.

The technology is already available to the public. Small solar panels can be bought and installed easily in private resources as a quick solution to electric power outages. It is safe and cheap.