Exploring Biogas

When organic components are broken down in deficiency of oxygen, they produce a gas known as Biogas. The gas basically is a bio fuel that is generated by biogenic materials. The gas can be produced by different means including fermentation (which is also known as anaerobic digestion) of materials like manure, biomass, green waste, energy […]

Biogas energy: the green energy

Fuel costs have been rising steadily for a number of years and the taxation burden increases as well, leading to a double load for the user to bear. For this reason, U.E. has decided to invest heavly on green energy like biogas energy, that is indicated between renewable energy sources (like wind, solar, hydro power […]

Why biogas will be very popular

Biogas has become a major player in energy development in recent years. Major cities across the country have begun to use these generators to dispose of their waste and recycle it for energy use at the same time. They provide a huge amount of power, using something that was originally worthless and would’ve just been […]

Benefits of Using Biogas Plants

One of the most recent inventions of energy sources include the biogas plant which produce biogas from animal waste and sewage. It is an anaerobic digester that produces fuel from energy crops which are mainly produced for the production of bio fuels rather than for consumption purposes. Biogas Plant- Wide Range of Uses A biogas […]

Gas engines

There were many experiments with gas engines in the 19th century but the first practical engine was built by the Belgian engineer tienne Lenoir in 1860. The best known builder of gas engines in the UK was Crossley, but there were several other firms based in the Manchester area as well. The Anson Engine Museum […]

What is Green Gas?

Green gas, or biogas as it is otherwise known offers a replacement to that of natural gas and also provides a solution to landfill waste. Biogas is created from landfill waste, which would otherwise be incinerated, or left there to rot. It consists of a number of products and estimations suggest 20 per cent of […]

How to Take One Man’s Trash and Create Useful Material and Energy for Others

No! You don’t need a genie and a lamp, and yes, it is possible. In fact, more and more people are doing it all the time. Waste from one source becomes the raw material and energy for others when you use a process called Anaerobic Digestion. Waste treatment in this fashion uses the same process […]